Agape Medical Spa Fall River Suture Lift (Silhouette Instalift) Fall River MA

Agape Medical Spa Fall River  Suture Lift  (Silhouette Instalift)


The Agape Suture Lift (thread lift). Is a new technology with a two-fold effect of lifting & regenerating through the action of resorbable sutures.

It is the only product on the aesthetic market combining these two actions.

Why is it innovative?

  • Immediate but natural lift effect.

  • Progressive recovery of natural collagen.

  • A 30 minute in-office procedure using local anesthetic .

  • No incision made.

  • Immediate return to professional and social life.

  • Entirely resorbable components.

  • Flabbiness in the mandible area, neck, malar area and dropping eyebrows can be corrected.

  • The effect lasts up to 18 months.