Agape Medical Spa Is Now Offering Lash and Lift at Fall River Massachusetts and Warwick Rhode Island

Agape Medical Spa Is Now Offering Lash and Lift at Fall River Massachusetts and Warwick Rhode Island


Agape Medical Spa Lash & Lift

What are eyelash extensions? –

Eyelash Extensions are curled individual strands that are made out of different types of materials.  We have on hand authentic mink, faux mink, and silk. We do not carry synthetic extensions as they are poor quality, heavy, and resemble plastic spiders. Our most popular extension material is the faux mink. They’re lightweight, hold their curl well, and also have a matte appearance when photographed, which gives the eyelash extensions a realistic look. We carry 5 curl options, 5 different thickness diameters, and 10 different lengths.

How does this process work? –

Your lash artist will attach one individual eyelash to one natural eyelash, being extremely careful not to touch your skin.  The idea behind this meticulous service is to enhance your natural lash line safely and give your lashes a bolder look while eliminating the use of mascara.  You have the option of choosing a look that is very subtle and natural or selecting a more dramatic set that will leave others in awe of your lashes.

Does it hurt to have the extensions applied? –

Not at all! Almost all of our clients fall asleep and enjoy what they have nicknamed a “Lash Nap”. You should not feel anything during the application process and once you’re able to open your eyes, the eyelash extensions should feel lightweight, comfortable, and soft. The should appear to be like your natural eyelashes, only much longer and fuller!

How long are the appointments? –

This is a very tedious and precise service. Please plan to spend approximately 120 minutes with your lash artist for your initial Full Set appointment and between 60 and 90 minutes for your Refill appointments depending on which refill option you schedule.

How long will my eyelash extensions last? –

There are many factors that go into answering this question. It depends on each individual’s natural lash shedding cycle, how you sleep, and if you follow the aftercare instructions properly. The extensions should ideally stay adhered to the natural eyelash for it’s life cycle (60-90 days). Things such as rubbing your eyes, excess makeup usage and removal, sleep, hot yoga, and swimming can weaken the bond and make the extension shed prematurely if care is not taken when doing those activities. Because of these activities, it will be normal to see some extensions shedding with a natural eyelash attached to it and some extensions shedding on their own if their bond was weakened or old. It is common to shed between 2 and 5 lashes a day, per eye so that a new eyelash can grow in it’s place. This is why it is so important to staying on track with your Refill appointments. Too much time passing will result in too much loss which will result in bigger refill appointments. Please note that each eye is different and each natural eyelash is on it’s OWN shedding cycle. They are not the same. The motto for our eyes is that they are “sisters not twins”!

How do I maintain my lash set? –

To maintain your eyelash extensions so that you do not require a full set, please stay on top of your refill schedule. It is common for clients to come every 2 – 3.5 weeks for a refill on their eyelash extensions depending on their natural eyelash shedding cycle and how well they follow the aftercare. As your natural eyelashes become accustomed to the extensions and with a little practice maintaining the eyelash extensions, the duration between refills can be extended for some. Refills vary in price and time frame. To avoid having to pay for a full set again, please schedule to have your refill appointment on time and do not wait until they are too sparse. You must have 30% of your eyelash extensions still attached to receive refill pricing. Otherwise, you will be responsible for purchasing a new full set. ATOL tends to book out about 10 days in advance and offers wait list options for those who forgot to schedule!

How do the eyelash extensions stay on? –

The adhesive that is used for the application of eyelash extensions is one that has been through extensive testing. It was specifically designed for the bond to be safe around the human eye. It is especially important that no other adhesives are used around the eye except for those that have been approved. It is our goal to always have our client’s eye (eyelid and eyeball) safety and sanitation at the forefront of our minds. With precision-like skills, your lash artist will slip an extension into a drop of adhesive and glide it onto one of your natural eyelash that she has isolated with her opposite hand. Our adhesive bond dries in 1-2 seconds around the natural eyelash and the extension. The bond is very thin, but durable, so that it allows the eyelash extensions to be flexible and mimic the movement of a natural eyelash. It is also very lightweight which allows for your natural eyelash to continue with its natural shedding cycle and not be ripped out.

Can I use lash growth products with my eyelash extensions? –

There are different types of lash growth products. Ones that contain steroids we do not recommend as they can change the composition of your lashes and accelerate your eyelash shedding cycle which will have a negative outcome on your eyelash extensions. Lash growth products that are natural and contain peptides are safe to use with your eyelash extensions and should not have a negative outcome on your eyelash extensions retention.

Will I still need to use mascara? –

It is not necessary to use mascara while wearing eyelash extensions and we strongly recommend not using this product at all. However,  if you find that you would like for the eyelash extensions to stand out a little bit more for an evening out, you may apply a tiny bit of mascara to the tips of the eyelash extensions only and you must remove the product after you’re finished. Please do not use water-proof products as they are harder to remove and you will weaken the bond trying to removing the mascara. Leaving mascara on and continuing to wear it for long periods of time can add weight to your lash set. This could over time weaken your natural eyelashes and potentially cause slight damage.

Can I get the eyelash extensions wet? –

Yes! Eyelash extensions are waterproof. However, there are some rules to follow. First, you must wait 12 hours before getting your eyelash extensions wet after any appointment (full set or refill). The bond must cure before the water is applied to the lash line. Second, we recommend using water only for the first 24 hours and after that time frame has passed, you may cleanse your lash line with an oil-free cleanser. Third, if you are swimming in the ocean or pool, you will need to rinse off your lash line when you have finished. Do not let harsh chemicals sit on your lash line for long periods of time or it can eat away at the bond and poor retention will be the result.

Is it common that I can be allergic to this product? –

While it is true that allergic reactions do happen, this is very rare for it to be a true allergy. Often times it is a situation where a lash artist from a different salon has placed the extensions onto the client’s skin and they are experiencing irritation from the adhesive being on their skin. Other times it could be due to the client reacting to other irritants in the environment or from the wind kicking up dust and debris. If you feel like you’re experiencing an allergic reaction, let your lash artist know immediately. It is important to note that being allergic and being sensitive are two different things and may have different symptoms. If you have developed an allergic reaction in the past, you may still be able to wear the eyelash extensions by making some slight changes made to the aftercare process. Please mention this at the time of scheduling so that an ATOL lash artist is able to chat with you about these concerns.

Who wears eyelash extensions? –

Women and men aged 15 to 85! Everyone basically has worn eyelash extensions or knows of someone that has worn eyelash extensions. We find that everyone from stay at home moms, nurses, lawyers, doctors, waitresses, dancers, brides, and grandmas all have a desire to have longer, fuller eyelashes that make them look younger and more awake! If you hate wearing mascara and want to get ready faster and look even more beautiful 24/7, this is a service that you should look into! 

Can I remove my eyelash extensions?

Yes and No! Yes, your eyelash extension set can be removed, but no you may not do it yourself. Removal must be done by a trained professional. You should never attempt to remove your eyelash extension at any time and for any reason! This can cause extreme damage to your natural eyelashes, including bald spots on your lash line. To have your eyelash extensions removed, schedule a removal appointment with your lash artist. A removal appointment is approximate 15 minutes for our lash clients. For clients from other salons, please plan to spend about 30 minutes at your removal appointment.

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